Cherie is here!

Cherie Berry Lifts Me Up...

Home of the safest elevators in the nation - Thank You, Cherie Berry

Look, North Carolina is full of great things, but among the greatest is our elevator safety and there is only person you can thank for that, Cherie Berry. 

When we walk in an elevator and see her warm kind smile and beautiful signature, we know we are safe. Sunshine and rainbows emit from our skin and the warm fuzzies take over.

Have you ever been locked in an elevator? Has an elevator ever crashed on you? I don't think so. Other states can't say the same.

Thank you, Cherie, for making North Carolina great.

3 new styles below. Use the code, "Cherie" to get $5 off any of these Tee's. Offer expires at the end of the month or until we get shut down. Let's do this!


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