Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ - Charlotte, NC

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Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Festival - Charlotte, NC

Thank you to everyone that came out to Brewgaloo. We had a blast selling shirts, making fun of Yankees, and drinking great beer. Charlotte looks to take it to the next level by adding 2 more southern staples: Bourbon and BBQ. The festival is May 13th (2 weeks away), but we wanted to profile some great drink recipes and a great BBQ joint in preparation. 


Frozen Peach Old Fashioned

This one is pretty much unstoppable. Recipe + 20 other recipes. Save it. 


Red Bridges BBQ

Voted the best in North Carolina by multiple publications. Don't let its humble exterior, nor simple website fool you. This is a must. 50 minutes from Charlotte in Shelby.


Final Run for Pig Pickin'

This will be the last run of our Pig Pickin' Tee. Only size 2XL remains. If you have a Pit Master in your life, get some! Discount code: "EMAIL" is 50% off for this tee only.

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