$24 Tumblers

Wanted to let everyone know that Cherie Berry T shirts are made to order and taking a little longer than expected. You will get your T! That I promise you. The first wave of orders has already shipped and I've seen some Snaps and Instagrams of them. NICE.

This weekend Amanda is going to be at Beer, Bourbon and BBQ in Charlotte. Stop by, say hello, get a free fist bump. That's happening. 

As with every show we do, we do a special too. 

$24 First in Flight Tumblers - Just for the weekend. 30oz beauties that keep the beverage cold for summer. Only doing 30 at this price. Why get a FIF Tumbler? We Be Raleigh is about a good drink and a great time. If you need your beverage cold for a week while hunting elk, get a $40 Yeti, and get a sticker, and then tell everyone on earth about that one time you caught a fish the size of your dad's Chevy Silverado.

We Be Raleigh is for people that know they can keep a drink ice cold for 18 hours in a humid Carolina summer, but in reality you only need it cold for 30 min... tops... while you party... because you drink like a f*cking hero.

Until next time,


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