Fortune Jacked Us Up!!!


Amanda and I both work We Be Raleigh as side hustles and when Fortune Feimster Instagrammed our tee we were not ready for the orders. So here's an update. 

We are GRINDING trying to get out what we can. For those of you waiting on Cherie Berry Tees, we sold out in 22 minutes post Instagram. 

But... don't worry! We work with a 3rd Party Fulfillment company, Printful, that is based in North Carolina. However, their main fulfillment center is in Chatworth, California! Don't ask. 

We are confident that all orders will be made and shipped this week. However, if that does not work for you, please email us and say, I want a refund.

We'd rather have happy customers than angry ones. 

So in brief: 

  1. Wait for us to ship and you will be stoked
  2. Ask for a refund and we will oblige

I hope you consider waiting. 

Amanda's Assistant, 

Big Al